The JUST Act

Many Canadians may not realize there is no requirement for a judge presiding over a sexual assault case to have any specific training or experience in sexual assault law. This has to change, and my Private Members Bill – The JUST Act – proposes simple changes to address this problem. The JUST Act would ensure any lawyers who want to become a judge receive sexual assault case training, it would increase transparency for how many current judges receive training, and it would require judges to issue more written decisions for sexual assault cases. No sexual assault survivor should ever feel afraid to come forward with her or his case and seek justice from the legal system. Learn more here:

Posted by Rona Ambrose on Friday, February 24, 2017

The JUST Act passes in the House of Commons

This afternoon The JUST Act passed in the House of Commons by unanimous support. This means Members of Parliament from all parties joined together to support its passage. A special thank you to the NDP for their ongoing support of my bill, and in particular Sheila Malcomson (MP for Nanaimo – ... Full Article

The JUST Act passes the committee stage

On Thursday, May 11, 2017 The JUST Act passed the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. Ms. Ambrose was pleased to see The JUST Act pass at committee and appreciates the committee’s hard work and careful study of her Bill. Members of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women include ... Full Article

Rona Ambrose discusses The JUST Act at committee

The Standing Committee on the Status of Women has started their proceedings on The JUST Act and Rona Ambrose was their first witness. Her bill would require lawyers applying for a position in the Canadian judiciary to have completed sexual assault case training and education. This training ... Full Article

The JUST Act moves to Committee

The JUST Act is one step closer to becoming law! Overwhelmed with gratitude for the support for The JUST Act from all corners. Thank you @ThomasMulcair for moving it to committee! #IWD2017 — Rona Ambrose (@RonaAmbrose) March 8, 2017 I’m overwhelmed with ... Full Article

Rona Ambrose holds press conference introducing The JUST Act

Rona Ambrose, the Leader of the Official Opposition and interim Leader of the Canada’s Conservatives, held a press conference this morning to discuss her new Private Members Bill: The JUST Act. The JUST Act would require new judges to be trained in the laws and sensitivities regarding sexual ... Full Article

Rona Ambrose officially tables The JUST Act in Parliament

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Rona Ambrose tabled her Private Members Bill, the Judicial Accountability through Sexual Assault Law Training Act – or The JUST Act – in Parliament. Very proud to have just officially tabled my Private Members Bill, The JUST Act, in Parliament. ... Full Article

Rona Ambrose and Sheldon Kennedy discuss the need for The JUST Act

Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose sat down with her close friend and child advocate Sheldon Kennedy to talk about her Private Members Bill – The JUST Act. Sheldon is a tireless activist for the wellbeing of children in Canada, particularly children who are victims of ... Full Article