The JUST Act passes in the House of Commons

This afternoon The JUST Act passed in the House of Commons by unanimous support. This means Members of Parliament from all parties joined together to support its passage.

A special thank you to the NDP for their ongoing support of my bill, and in particular Sheila Malcomson (MP for Nanaimo – Ladysmith, British Columbia) for moving today’s motion.

The Status of Women Committee also worked hard to study this bill and make sure it was at its very best. Thank you so much to my Conservative colleagues who sit on the FEWO Committee: Marilyn Gladu (Chair), Rachael Harder, and Karen Vecchio.

I’ve also received support from all corners for The JUST Act. From police officers, to scholars, to women working on the front lines of sexual assault crisis centres, and most importantly from sexual assault survivors – this important legislation has been supported by Canadians from across the country and across Party lines.

It is wonderful to see such widespread support for The JUST Act. This legislation will help give victims of sexual assault more confidence in the justice system, and ensure that everyone involved with these horrific cases is treated fairly.

Bill C-337 will now move onto the Senate for further study, before (hopefully) becoming law very soon!