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The JUST Act is widely supported, across partisan lines.

“I believe the actions contained in The JUST Act are an important step towards improving confidence in Canada’s justice system when it comes to crimes as life-altering as sexual violence. Any opportunity for Canada’s legal system to better understand the impact of these crimes and, by doing so, encourage victims to come forward, is a good thing.” Sheldon Kennedy, Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

“When it comes to making Canada’s justice system more approachable and sensitive for survivors of sexual violence, The JUST Act is an important piece of the puzzle. It goes hand-in-hand with important community efforts to enhance the criminal justice system response to sexual violence, and it’s very encouraging for us to see this leadership in Ottawa.” Megan Walker, London Abused Women’s Centre

“Legal and judicial education are an important part of ensuring the correct application of the laws we have in Canada that address sexual violence. This proposed legislation will go a long way toward making sure Canada’s judiciary fully understands the legal issues involved in sexual assault trials, and the essential role of the judiciary in ensuring that sexual assault trials are free of bias.”
The Rt. Honourable Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister and Justice Minister

Write your Member of Parliament and encourage them to vote Yes to The JUST Act!