Former PM and Justice Minister Kim Campbell talks with Rona Ambrose about The JUST Act

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister and Former Minister of Justice spoke with the Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose about The JUST Act.

Kim Campbell was instrumental in bringing in the legislation we have today around sexual assaults in Canada when she was the Minister of Justice in the early nineties.

Ms. Ambrose has introduced a Private Members bill that would ensure new judges are fully trained in sexual assault law and sensitivities, to ensure the justice system is fair for everyone involved with sexual assault cases.

Both women stressed the importance of judges having concrete knowledge of our current laws regarding sexual assault. Former Prime Minister Campbell noted that, “It is important that people know it and understand what rights it gives to the accused, what right it gives to the complainants or to the victims and what obligations it imposes on those who are conducting the trials.”

The JUST Act is currently before the House of Commons. *Update: The JUST Act was passed unanimously in the House of Commons but has been stuck in the Senate since May 16, 2017.