Rona Ambrose and BC Lions coach Wally Buono talk about violence against women

The Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose talked with BC Lions head coach Wally Buono about the Lions “Be More Than a Bystander” initiative.

The BC Lions football team is talking with young people about the importance of respectful relationships and the team is speaking out on violence against women. They feel that it’s important to say something and not stand on the sidelines of the issue of violence against women.

When asked about why he started this program, Mr. Buono said: “We just felt that respecting women was critical because we all have mothers, we all have sisters, we all have wives. We felt that it was something that we were going to stick our neck out for because it was unique to have a football team speak on these kind of issues.”

Ms. Ambrose agreed, saying, “It makes a different to have men and women speaking out on violence against women,” and she thanked him for his action on this important issue.