Rona Ambrose and Sheldon Kennedy discuss the need for The JUST Act

Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition, Rona Ambrose sat down with her close friend and child advocate Sheldon Kennedy to talk about her Private Members Bill – The JUST Act.

Sheldon is a tireless activist for the wellbeing of children in Canada, particularly children who are victims of sexual abuse. He is the Lead Director of the Sheldon Kennedy Advocacy Centre in Calgary.

Ms. Ambrose is introducing her legislation because “it’s so important that people in our legal system have adequate training around issues of sexual assault.”

Mr. Kennedy agreed. Based on his experience advocating for children, he says, “The biggest gap that we see, that’s been presented to us, is a lack of knowledge of the impact of this type of crime.

“It’s tough to really make strong decisions and appropriate decisions without understanding its true impact,” he went on to say.

They ended their conversation on an emotional note discussing the difficult long term mental health impact on children who are sexually and physically abused.