Rona Ambrose holds press conference introducing The JUST Act

Rona Ambrose, the Leader of the Official Opposition and interim Leader of the Canada’s Conservatives, held a press conference this morning to discuss her new Private Members Bill: The JUST Act.

The JUST Act would require new judges to be trained in the laws and sensitivities regarding sexual assault and sexual violence. Ms. Ambrose said “I believe that addressing this situation must start with those responsible for overseeing Canada’s judicial system. Right now there is a real lack of transparency in knowing if, how and how often judges are actually receiving training and education about how to preside over legal cases involving sexual assault.”

Ms. Ambrose was surrounded by supportive colleagues from the Conservative Party’s Caucus, including Justice Critic Rob Nicholson.

“This is about reassuring Canadians that should they ever seek justice in court in connection to a sexual assault case that they will be dealing with a judge that is trained,” Ms. Ambrose said.