Rona Ambrose officially tables The JUST Act in Parliament

On Thursday, February 23, 2017, Rona Ambrose tabled her Private Members Bill, the Judicial Accountability through Sexual Assault Law Training Act – or The JUST Act – in Parliament.

Upon tabling The JUST Act, Ms. Ambrose delivered these remarks in the House of Commons:

I’m honoured to stand in this house to introduce a bill to address the need to build more confidence in our judicial system when it comes to the handling of cases involving sexual assault and sexual violence.

Too often, those involved in these cases come away feeling they have experienced not just a judgement on their case, but a judgement on their character.

Je crois que pour répondre à cette situation, nous devons commencer par les personnes responsables de la supervision du système de justice du Canada.

Pour le moment, dans le système de justice fédéral, il y a un réel manque de transparence quant à la façon, et à la fréquence, dont les juges reçoivent une formation et une éducation sur l’instruction d’affaires impliquant de la violence sexuelle.

This is about making our legal system fairer for everyone involved in these difficult cases, and I hope my colleagues from all Parties will take the time to consider the steps we propose here, and support my legislation, the Judicial Accountability through Sexual Assault Law Training Act, or what I like to call, The JUST Act.